The New Dawn Store.


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The New Dawn Store is a gripping protest play set in South Africa. The story revolves around a 30-year-old man named Revolution, whose family was forcefully removed from their land during historical forced removals. When Revolution learns that a retail store has been built on the very land taken from his family, he decides to take action.

In an effort to reclaim his family's land and seek justice, Revolution takes a bold step and applies for a job at the retail store. His plan is to fight from within.Driven by a deep sense of injustice, Revolution begins to rally his fellow workers, encouraging them to protest against the unfair treatment they endure.

Through its compelling narrative and poignant conclusion, The New Dawn Store urges viewers to question societal norms, challenge injustice, and strive for a future that embraces fairness, equality, and the recognition of historical wrongs.



About the Artists

Patric Sbusiso Bhakaqana, born on December 23, 1991, has carved a distinguished career in the realm of Performing Arts. Hailing from Ilinge township near Queenstown, he attended Lingelihle High School. In his formative years, Patric actively engaged in various events, refining his skills in the performing arts.

In 2013, a pivotal moment in his career unfolded as Patric secured a role in the acclaimed radio soap opera "Ithini na Le nto?" broadcasted on SABC’s Umhlobo Wenene FM. This opportunity arose following his recording of the prescribed Xhosa drama "Amaza" at Umhlobo Wenene in 2010. Alongside this, he lent his talents to performances for the Stage World School of Arts in Gqeberha. During 2013-2014, he also became an integral part of the NMU Drama Society.

Patric's contributions extended to the theatrical realm in 2018 with his involvement in the play "Nzika (The Citizen)," commissioned at the Iphulo Annual Festival hosted at the PE Opera House. In 2015, he took on the role of Tebogo in the production "Life of an Artist," delving into the narrative of a character wrongfully accused of murdering his wife. The play explored the challenges faced by prisoners and touched on relationship problems.

Further enriching his portfolio, Patric Bhakaqana joined the cast of "Buzani Kubawo" in 2021, a production directed by the legendary Thokozile Ntshinga during the Iphulo Annual Festival. Presently, he is a final-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree at Nelson Mandela University.

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