Amabali Akhayo

Amabali Akhayo,

Live Performance

Amabali Akhayo is family work for foundation phase students. It is a story-telling production that intends to pass on lessons about growing up against norms, and facing situations which seek to pull down those seen as different.  Its aim is to promote a culture of story-telling and reading. The production mixes a number of artforms as an amalgamation of acting, dance, poetry and story reading. 

The production is directed by Nomhle Qambata, a professional dancer and choreographer from the Bay and features both professional and developing artists as a way to develop new talent. The production takes the viewer on a journey of a life lived as a constant effort, overcoming limitations, and bumping up against the opinions of others.  It focuses also on challenges posed by societal preconceptions on issues of disability.  This production is interactive in its application.  The stories and all accompanying music are 80% IsiXhosa and 20% English.


Story Writing, Co Direction and Musical Direction - Zimkitha Ntebe aka Zimsto eRoofini 

Choreography  - Nomhle Qambata 


About the Artists

Zimkhitha Ntebe, affectionately known as Zimsto eRoofini, is a multi-talented artist who hails from the township of Gqeberha, KwaZakhele in the Eastern Cape. Zimsto is famous for her energy filled performances as a singer, dancer, actress and storyteller. Her artistic talents extend to more behind the scenes role such as songwriting, composing and producing. Her love for music and performing started from a very young and tender age. Thus, music has always been part of her life, introduced to her through a djembe, dancing at traditional ceremonies and performances at church.

The art of storytelling was sparked by the oral traditional stories called 'iintsomi', told to her by her parents, who are from rural Transkei. She wanted to keep this important tradition alive for future generatins and added this to her performance acts. Using instruments, voices and songs, she has delivered captivating musical African stories to her audiences of all age groups. Throughout the years she formed, led and choreographed dance groups. She moved on and started writing and performing her own music, with entry point being dance music.

She has curtain raised for artists such as Black Coffee, Amanda Black, Simphiwe Dana and Kora X Tulwana. Zimsto eRoofini has graced multiple stages across EC including; The Ebubeleni Festival, The Mandela Bay Festival, Mamela Festival and isiXhosa Festival. Never one to shy away from expanding her horizons and showing her versatility, she was the MC at the 2019 Mamela Festival and was in the top 6 of the Imilonji competition. She has completed a music training course at the CMI college in Cape Town in 2021 and graduated in 2021 from a 6 month MBA course at Bridges Academy. She has co authored a poetry book as well as a foundation Phase Story Book under the Red Location Cultural Precinct in 2022 and 2023

She has experience as a radio personality, stage presence coach and founded the Imbeko Sessions. As a mother of a girl child, she is passionate about promoting self-love, heritage and literature to the youth, especially girl children. Her objective is to share authentic African stories by using the oral tradition of storytelling, traditional music and instruments to children between 8-16, with the aim to revive the passion and love of our language and history.

"In this ever changing and evolving society, it is crucial to instil positive values and preserve our cultural art forms and heritage by passing on the skills and knowledge to the younger generation. We need to focus on telling our indigenous stories to our kids, so they can tell their kids, for our heritage to thrive for generations to come." - Zimsto eRoofini

  • Target Age Group
    6 to 10 years
  • Age Classification
    All Ages
  • Reason for Classification
    • Other
    • Aimed Towards Teenagers
    • Family
    • Aimed Towards Children
    • Language Use

  • February 21, 2024
    10:30 - 11:15
    Athenaeum Little Theatre

  • February 22, 2024
    10:30 - 11:15
    Athenaeum Little Theatre
  • Name
    Athenaeum Little Theatre
  • Location
    The Athenaeum, Athol Fugard Terrace, Central, Gqeberha
  • Directions
    The Athenaeum has on street parking in Athol Fugard Terrace and Castle Street. The parking area and entrances have security while the venue is operating
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  • Accessibility Info
    There is step free access to the auditorium from the Castle street entrance. The venue has accessible ablution facilities
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  • Event Format
    Live Performance